by The Boring Twenties

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released October 14, 2014

Tomo Carty - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Synthesizers, Programming
Alex Ball - Bass Guitar, Lead and Backup Vocals
Brian DeSeno - Drums, Backup Vocals




The Boring Twenties New Jersey

The Boring Twenties.

Ethereal Dream Punk Kids/Squids.

New Jersey/Inkopolis.

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Oh, don't call the doctor
No need to shout it
Creation knows no end
And I feel the world split
As I lay on a constant side
I feel half this world drown in its pride

Oh, roll with the punches
Stella for "star"!
I'll take all of my sorrows
I'll take them out to the bar
I feel the nails dragging down my back
They never ask me questions
Never cut me some slack

It's just a master-plan
Self-help my carnal-self
Some people say it's more important than wealth
Can't afford this rate?
Just step it out and wait
And try to communicate
With all of the things I hate

Self-help my carnal-self
It's just a masterplan

I've been turning in early
I've been acting fucking girly
I've wasted all my time on the "get-me-away"s
I wrote "Black Flag" on a bathroom stall
I saw a dead man hanging like an animal

I try to separate from a god with a lie
They read his comedy book
He laughs in the sky
I'll try to separate from everything I despise
Track Name: Voyeur/Volare
She's condescending and weird and my interest is high
But I always come off as the weirder guy
We made friends on pale complexions
She took care in her breathless inflections
She had a parvenu of beauty
She kept quiet and keen
Well, she was snooty

And I can't wait to see you in your summer wear
"Everything In Transit" without a care
She said "parvenir, voyeur, volare"
A triumvir of hobos arrived on the twelfth day
She likes French, Italian, English,
I don't know... she someone that I really owe?

All the pretty girls are moving on
But I still want you gone
I want you gone

Say goodbye to the party girl
She's going gone
Track Name: A Voice From The Other Side Of The World (ft. Megurine Luka)
Hours turn to beers, turn to days
Increasing thoughts of you that
Never seem to go away,
They never seem to fade
We find our escapes in dreams we never can remember
You said you want a happy December this year
Selfish, I just wanna see you cry
I wanna know that there's anything left inside

But I have to leave you here
I'm gonna be a voice from the other side of the world
And I don't want to miss you
I don't want to miss you, no

Sometimes I pick up your scent
I look out the window and I wonder where you went
I guess you ran away again
The ocean water has never felt so blue
My little scientist, I'd swim 7,000 miles
Just to catch your awkward smiles anyday

I'm gonna be a voice from the other side of the world
But I just don't wanna miss you